Sarra Jane

Zarif launch at the Hotel Particulier – SoHo in New York, in December 2013. Come and celebrate the incredible collection.

‘Zarif’ the word for precious in Dari launches a platform for what inspires us to create and connect beyond borders. To a world where beauty and truth are laid bare. Zarif is a meeting place for those who see their lives as a journey. Who seek to be inspired by the art of living. This will be a celebration of art and culture and people who move us beyond our differences toward a shared experience.

To inaugurate this new platform we celebrate the fashion house ‘Zarif’, whose name and mission we have taken as a springboard.

Founded by Zolaykha Sherzad, an architect, designer and artist, Zarif seeks to share the artistic and cultural heritage of her native Afghanistan. Working with local textiles, hand embroidery and intricate detailing, her timeless pieces speak to the traditions and artistry of an ancient culture. But beyond fashion and beyond social enterprise Zolaykha and Zarif look to the bigger picture of how we relate. Her beautiful collections begin a conversation.

The hope: To foster a broader inter cultural exchange of what inspires and shapes us.
As Mira Nair artist, filmmaker and admirer put it, “We see artists continue to believe in beauty and design despite the ravages of war, I love the triumph of the human spirit in
each stitch of their beautiful work.”

Zarif launched at the Hotel Particulier – SoHo in New York, in December 2013. People came to celebrate the incredible collection.

Photos by Ruhtie Abel

Taylor Gilbert