Agnes b, French designer

Agnes B - French designer

Mira Nair

Mira Nair - Film Director

“I love Zarif design — I love the modern interpretation of ancient aesthetics; I love the fact that afghan women artists continue to believe in beauty and design despite the ravages of war; I love the triumph of the human spirit in each stitch of their beautiful work.
Much love and in solidarity”

Shirin Neshat - Iranian Visual Artist

“Rarely, one finds a line of fashion that so beautifully integrates style with integrity; traditional aesthetic with modern looks; Eastern and Western concepts. When I wear Zarifnyc’s collection, I feel proud both by the exquisite quality and design of the clothing, but also for supporting the wonderful community of artisans who produces the line. I have tremendous respect for Zolaykha Sherzad, for championing such a wonderful project.”

Marina Abramović - Performance Artist

“When I wear coats by Zarif, I feel safe and at home. There is something very special about the mix of fabrics, the wool with the traditional fine printed fabric. When you wear Zarif, you are not just wearing a coat but also a piece of Afghanistan’s history: their struggle, their pain, and their strength to survive."